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About me

My name is Ella Veissid (born 2003), I am an illustrator based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I have been making art and drawing comics ever since I can remember, and my work has become more surreal and extremely peculiar with time. 

My art is a combination of digital and hand drawn comics, zines and illustrations that mostly tell absurd and satirical short stories.
I carry a sketchbook with me wherever I go, as my most loyal companion, gathering bizarre and exciting moments I see on the street or while sketching in a coffee shop.  Everyday situations and conversations serve as my inspiration and contribute to my next little creation.

I studied illustration in Minshar School of Arts (2022-23), and am currently studying classical animation at IAC College.
I work as an assistant art teacher besides the main teachers in an art school in Tel Aviv, and teach classes of comics, zines and illustration to children and high schoolers around the country.
I am looking forward to a future in the art world, as an illustrator of my own books and comics and fulfilling my dream of becoming an animator. 
I am always open to collaborations in various mediums of art and can't wait for my next projects!

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